8 Travel Tips to Protect Against Parasites & Bacteria on Vacation

It’s summertime and if you’re like me, you’re ready to pack your bags and head out for a much needed vacation—an adventure to some exotic location—beautiful weather, sunshine, a change of scenery with maybe a palm tree or two. 

But, what you’re probably not expecting is the possibility of an unexpected souvenir that can leave you with a spoiled trip and an ensuing health problem that stays with you long after the memories of your vacation have faded away.

I have counseled hundreds of people who have never been “quite right” after a vacation to an exotic locale, the islands, the mountains, or a camp out.

All you need is a small dose of enlightened planning, and with another dose of practical understanding you’ll literally be good-to-go.

You just have to be prepared—more so now than ever before—to protect and defend yourself against toxic invaders.

So here are my top strategies for safe and healthy travel whether abroad, in the states or in your own backyard:

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