Past GMO– Episode 103: Melissa Diane Smith

For the previous 25 years, Melissa Diane Smith has been a pioneering health and wellness reporter and alternative nutritionist therapy customers and also reporting on health-impactful nutrition topics that are not covered by mainstream media. Join the First Woman of Nutrition and also Melissa as they attend to directly the crisis brought on by genetically modified foods (GMOs) starting with a review of the two primary types of GMOs on the marketplace (herbicide-resistant as well as pesticide-producing), the Huge Five (corn, cotton, canola, soybeans, and also sugar from sugar beets), the major risks– as well as how people can find out more bottom lines in Melissa’s publication, Breaking GMOs. In addition to purchasing non-GMO and natural as much as feasible, Melissa is enthusiastic about surpassing as well as taking action to support regenerative farming. This consists of organic meat products from pets raised holistically through managed grazing that actually enhance soil wellness. Boosted soil wellness, subsequently, aids preserve water, improve our atmosphere, and also generate even more nourishing food.

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