Changing to a Raw Food Diet

1. Know why you are switching to unprocessed meals.

Consuming enzyme-rich unprocessed meals is the best way we people have eaten since our days as hunter-gatherers. There are quite a few well being advantages to consuming a weight loss plan constructed on fruit, nuts and seeds, together with growing vitality, decreasing danger of coronary heart illness, kick-starting weight reduction, and aiding in physique detox.

2. When altering to a uncooked meals weight loss plan, sluggish and regular is the best way to go.

This nutrient-dense weight loss plan could be a little bit of an adjustment at first and will trigger complications and/or nausea. For most individuals this can be a new and complex life-style change, so it is vital to method this in a relaxed method. Strive incorporating only one uncooked meal into your day and construct from there. Salad is a simple method to begin.

3. Comply with the principles of the uncooked weight loss plan.

Whereas the uncooked weight loss plan might be time consuming-it sometimes requires that meals is juiced, soaked, or dehydrated-there are additionally some fundamentals you’ll want to study. It is advised that 75 p.c of the meals you scoff down must be raw and for the remaining 25 p.c you should by no means prepare dinner it over 116°F (your range in all probability begins at 200°F). Proponents of the weight loss plan imagine that when meals is ready “normally” it may well rob meals of its dietary worth and defeat the aim of noshing on veggies fully.

4. Get the best tools.

Whereas kitchen home equipment might be costly, you needn’t purchase each gizmo available on the market simply but. Begin easy and go for a dehydrator (to blow air by means of meals at cool temperatures) and a meals processor. As you proceed with the weight loss plan it’s possible you’ll discover that you’ll be wanting a heavy-duty juice extractor.

5. Be inventive along with your uncooked weight loss plan.

Do not suppose your life is restricted to nibbling on dry nuts and seeds. Experiment with complicated dishes like pizza (use buckwheat as your base), or indulge your candy tooth and make a pie with fruit purée and nuts. Be looking out for excellent recipes at

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