Doctors advise precautions to prevent ‘maskne’

With the temperature hovering in Chandigarh and sporting of face masks being necessary in view of Covid-19 unfold, the city-based dermatologists are advising precautions to forestall breakouts on the face.

Whereas sporting a face masks has change into an essential a part of one’s every day routine, it looks like it should stay as a norm for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, because the summer season temperature rises, together with humidity ranges, pores and skin medical doctors are advising precautions to forestall ‘maskne’, zits brought on by sporting masks, as the difficulty is slowly turning into frequent.

Dr Vikas Sharma, MD (Dermatology) PGI, who works because the Chief Advisor Dermatologist at Nationwide Pores and skin Hospital, Mansa Devi Advanced, says that ‘maskne’ – coined after the appearance of coronavirus pandemic, is a dysfunction of follicular occlusion and is straight associated to mechanical stress (stress, occlusion, friction) and microbiome dysbiosis (warmth, pH, moisture from biofluids). Tropical climates and out of doors publicity (elevated sweating) are danger components for acne-susceptible populations (lively younger adults, seborrhea, genetic predisposition), he mentioned.

Dr Sharma says particular consideration for skincare ought to embrace antibacterial mild cleansers and moisturisers formulated as prescription emollient units, which assist in sustaining a wholesome pores and skin barrier/microbiome.

“Botanical activities with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, sebum regulation and antimicrobial properties are preferred. Hydrogel carrier formulations of combination topicals can minimise local irritation by ensuring better drug tolerance and efficacy. Allergic contact dermatitis and transcutaneous absorption of potential carcinogens can occur from textiles used for fabric face masks, which is currently unregulated,” he mentioned.

Healthcare and different frontline employees are most in danger as a result of their masks are tighter-fitting and so they need to put on it for an extended interval.

“The face masks can worsen skin issues that already exist or cause new ones, especially in the summer heat and humidity, chances for skin breakouts become manifold,” he added.

The issue just isn’t solely seen in younger adults however kids and adults of all ages are reporting inflammatory lesions in O zone of face, a few of which might additionally go away behind scars and darkish spots on the pores and skin. He says that modifying the every day pores and skin routine is the necessity of the hour to cut back possibilities of maskne.

Dr Priyansh of PGI’s Division of Dermatology says that those that put on N-95 masks for a considerably lengthy interval are vulnerable to maskne.

“Field workers, persons who wear N-95 mask for significant duration or persons who are already having problem of acne or those with high sebaceous gland activity….measured by oiliness of skin are prone to it. I will say that for mild acne topicals are sufficient and for moderate… systemic antibiotics or retinoids are needed.”


Use of sunshine moisturisers: After cleaning one’s pores and skin, one ought to ideally use moisturisers which might be gentle. Moisturisers that comprise hyaluronic acid or serums are good for the pores and skin. Serums are gentle and skinny and they don’t occlude the pores.

One ought to keep away from utilizing sunscreen within the areas which might be coated with the masks, as it could actually clog the pores.

Change to essentially the most fundamental skincare routine: A mild non-soap cleanser and a gentle, fragrance-free moisturiser is really useful for delicate pores and skin.

“Fewer ingredients are better than more,” says the physician, including that in addition to moisturising the pores and skin, the gentle moisturisers can defend the pores and skin from masks friction.

Break up with make-up (not less than quickly): “This is the time to really tone it down,” says Dr Sharma. The extra layer of merchandise on makes use of on the pores and skin, the extra alternative there may be for the micro organism to develop.

High quality of masks: There are lots of kinds of masks out there, attempt to discover the one with extra construction to it, so it sits away from the pores and skin, to minimise friction. Cotton masks are extra breathable, which implies much less moisture and humidity underneath the masks and thus, it extra mild on the pores and skin.

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