Consume the Rainbow Winter Season Week 2- Create Misconception # 2: Frozen vs. Canned Fruits & Veggies

Welcome to Week 2 of the Eat the Rainbow Fruit as well as Vegetable Obstacle!

.?. !! EtR PROGRAM UPDATES: You made it a complete week into our obstacle! As component of our challenge,

I am asking you to keep track of your fruit and vegetable consumption. At the end of weekly, you can send your intakevia this form!.?.!! I do not require you to track every little thing you eat, just when you consume fruits/veggies throughout the day. Make use of an app on your phone or a basic notepad with a pen. I usually utilize this type to track my regular development. It needs to be quite straightforward, but if you have any kind of concerns let me recognize! I additionally intended to make you mindful that in January I will be hosting a Conscious Consuming webinar

on Jan 20th at 7:30 pm. If you would like to register for that, here’s the enrollment web page. Our special guest will certainly be Dietitian Jane Anderson, that operates at Body in Mind Nutrition in Winston-Salem, NC. This week, we’ll be dealing with one more usual misconception concerning vegetables and fruits! MYTH: Frozen as well as canned fruits as well as veggies are bad for you. TRUTH: Frozen and also container fruits and also veggies are equally as nutritious, if not greater than their fresh equivalents! Fresh vegetables and fruits

are usually taken into the spotlight as well as might be thought about “far better”than their frozen and also canned

equivalents. However, this is not real! HERE ARE 3 REASONS WHY: Frozen fruits and vegetables are equally as nutrient dense (otherwise even more )than fresh. Generate that is iced up is typically picked at its height ripeness, which is when the fruit or vegetable contains its optimum nutrient material. Fresh fruit and vegetables is frequently chosen before it is ripe given that it needs to obtain shipped to food store prior to it ruins, so it commonly never reaches its peak

nutrient level. Tinned and frozen fruit and vegetables

  1. is frequently less expensive as well as much easier to gain access to than fresh, allowing you to increase your daily consumption
  • . It might be challenging to find particular types of produce in the supermarket relying on the season. For instance, locating high quality, fresh berries in the center of the winter season can be difficult, as well as if you are lucky adequate to locate them, they are often extremely expensive.Frozen and canned fruit and vegetables can be found all year long because of their prolonged rack life.Frozen and also tinned fruit and vegetables likewise does not require to
  1. be delivered as rapidly or thoroughly as fresh, so it is frequently a cheaper option. Purchasing icy as well as canned produce can aid remove food
  • waste. It lasts a lot longer than fresh fruit and vegetables, and also is much less most likely to spoil prior to you use it. Just how often have you bought a bag of lettuce or container of berries just to have them ruin prior to you consume them? The majority of fresh fruit and vegetables can not last much longer than a week in your fridge. In contrast, icy as well as canned fruit and vegetables can last for months in your fridge freezer or kitchen! This can aid you
  • prevent unneeded food waste. Idea for buying icy and canned fruit and vegetables: Inspect the label for included syrups, sugars, or salt. Try to buy frozen as well as canned produce that is devoid of additives– also known as100%veggie or fruit. When acquiring canned vegetables, choose low-sodium or no-salt-added options. If those aren’t offered, provide a fast rinse before you
    • use them. ONCE A WEEK DIFFICULTY: Check out the frozen foods section of your neighborhood shop to see what

      brand-new fruits or vegetables you can locate. Exists anything you would not have thought to try? Suggestion: Take note of weekly sales and also coupons as well as stock up when frozen or tinned produce is most inexpensive. Because it has a much longer life span, you can buy in bulk to save money!

      FRUIT AND VEGETABLES HIGHLIGHT OF THE WEEK: CRANBERRIES Cranberries are on the AICR’s list of foods that fight cancer and completely factor! Cranberries contain high degrees of

      phytochemicals that have effective anti-cancer homes consisting of polyphenols and also proanthocyanidin. Fresh cranberries are also a terrific resource of fiber and vitamin C. One mug has 4 grams of fiber as well as about 25% of the recommended day-to-day value of vitamin C.

      All-in-all, these brilliant little berries are a nutritional powerhouse as well as are best in the winter season, when other berries go out of period.


      Cranberries have an intense, tart taste. Attempt incorporating them with other fruits such as oranges, apples, or pears to balance out their flavor with a touch of natural sweet taste! Take a look at the featured recipe below for a concept!

      Suggestion: To get every one of the nutritional benefits of cranberries, choose fresh or icy selections. Dried out cranberries are greater in sugar and also lower in vitamins.

      This dish makes a great side dish-that doesn’t love cranberry sauce on holidays? Yet it can additionally enhance your snack or morning meal. Place it on pancakes or mix it with ordinary yogurt for a terrific taste combination that you can’t find in the store!


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      • Citrus Ginger Cranberry Sauce
      • Author: Julie Lanford, MILES PER HOUR, RD, CSO, LDN Preparation Time: 15 mins Cook Time: 10 minutes Overall Time:

      • 25 minutes

      • Yield:< period data-tasty-recipes-customization="detail-value-color. shade"course="tasty-recipes-yield"> 8 servings Group: Vacation< h3 data-tasty-recipes-customization="

      • h3-color. color h3-transform. text-transform” > Ingredients

12 oz bag fresh cranberries 1/3 cup water 1/2 mug orange juice 1/2 mug sugar 1/3 cup honey 1/2 tablespoon. fresh grated ginger zest of one small orange (about 1 Tbsp, or cut the peel) 1 tablespoon. taken shape ginger (cut) Directions Clean cranberries. Put all ingredients in a medium pot, other than taken shape ginger.

  • Prepare over medium warm. Boil and also mix till the sugar thaws and cranberries pop open.

  • Remove from warmth and mix in crystallized ginger when cooled down.

  • Did you make this recipe?

    Share an image as well as mark us– we can’t wait to see what you’ve made!

    Appreciate your week!

    -Julie and Intern Kim

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