Eat the Rainbow Wintertime Week 4- Create Myth # 4: GMOs, Great or Poor?

EtR PROGRAM UPDATES: Satisfied Vacations to every person! May you have happiness and also well-being this holiday! Click on this link to discover some of Julie’s fav recipes that you can add to your holiday celebrations! Are you shocked that we have added sugars in

some of our recipes? There is an usual nutrition myth that goes around that” sugar feeds cancer “which is not true! Have a look at why Julie recommends we stop claiming that! Invite to Week 4 of the Consume the Rainbow Fruit and Vegetable Obstacle!

.?.!! RECORD RECENTLY’S FRUIT & VEGETABLE INTAKE RIGHT HERE! This week we are going to disprovean additional common fruit and vegetables myth– that natural and non-GMO vegetables and fruits are healthier than the options. WHAT IS A GMO CROP? The term GMO stands for”genetically modified organism”also known as a kind of animal or plant that

has had its DNA altered. Via careful breeding, farmers have actually been changing crops for centuries to stand up to parasites, make it easier to manage weeds, enhance nutrition, or endure altering environments. Many GMO plant varieties have actually caused

organizations from worldwide have concluded that

Guidelines Mix apples, rosemary, olive oil, salt, and also pepper in a dish. Position on a griddle or saute pan (medium warm) and also cook up until the apples are tender and alloted.

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— Julie, Trainee Kate and Trainee Sarah

Consume the Rainbow Wintertime Week 3-Produce Myth # 3: Fruit is High in Sugar

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