Healthy Summer Swaps for Entertaining Friends and Family

Instead of sugary sodas I keep plenty of cooling beverages on hand. Try infusing a pitcher of purified water with a large handful of fresh mint, sliced cucumber, lemon, or limes. Make a refreshing hibiscus iced tea – so good for the heart, and delicious, too! Just put several bags of organic hibiscus tea in a large jar filled with water, set it out in the sun for a couple of hours, and pour over ice. Keep some sparkling mineral water on hand, like Perrier or San Pellegrino, and pour over ice with a wedge of lemon or lime, a sprig of mint, or a dash of unsweetened cranberry juice.

And, for a bright morning boost on a busy summer day, swap your sugary, calorie-laden latte or Frappuccino for my Longevity Blaster boasting Purity Coffee, whey protein, cacao powder, coconut oil and fat burning spices to keep your metabolism humming along. You’ll find the recipe on page 131 in my new book, Radical Longevity.

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