Know about Glycemic Index and Good vs Bad Carbs

Whatever diet we take in our everyday life, affects our body. To find out, we first need to know that the diet we are consuming “contains how much fiber, fat, protein, good carbs, and bad carbs”. Very few people know this, although the help of glycemic index is taken to know this. Today we will know what is Glycemic Index. How can it be checked?

What is Glycemic Index?

Before knowing the Glycemic Index or Good Vs Bad Carbs, we will know what the index is. The food we take in the form of food. Some foods in them increase the amount of blood sugar in our body very fast. Let us tell you that this happens because it is very easy for some carbohydrate food like sugar or bread to be converted into glucose in our body. So there are some such carbs, which are digested very late in our body. So if we talk about glycemic index good versus bad carbs, then it is just a number. It helps you to know how fast your body converts food into glucose. Two foods with the same quantity of carbs can have varying glycemic index numbers. To understand this, let us tell you that the lower the number, the less effect the food will have on blood sugar. See for example.

55 or less = low (good), eg includes soy products, legumes, fruit, milk, pasta, bread, and oatmeal (barley).

56- 69 = Medium, for example, includes orange juice, honey, basmati rice, and wheat roti.

70 or more = High (Bad), for example, includes potatoes, wheat bread, white rice.

When we buy any kind of packaged food item from the market the glycemic index is given on the backside. Which can make it easier for you to understand. If there is a problem with the glycemic index of some substances, you can easily find out its glycemic index through the Internet.

What are Carbs?

Carbohydrates often referred to as “carbs,” are your body’s primary energy source and an important part of any well-balanced diet. The three main types of carbohydrates are sugars, starch, and fiber. They are called “simple” or “complex” depending on their chemical function. But even though many foods contain one or more types of carbohydrates, it can still be difficult to understand what is healthy for you and what is not. You should take carbs in moderation but in moderation. Carbs do the work of giving energy to our body. If you completely stop taking carbs, then your body starts getting weak. This can lead to feeling tired, dizzy, and sleepy. Let us tell you that there are two types of carbs. Let us know good carbs and bad carbs. Know the differentiation between good carbs and bad carbs?

Effect of good carbs on the glycemic index

Good carbs are those carbs that don’t raise blood sugar too much or too quickly. Those types of carbohydrates are described as good carbs or low glycemic foods. Good carbs include vegetables, low-glycemic fruits such as berries and apples, as well as legumes and high-fiber whole grains. When you focus more on eating good carbs, you also avoid overuse of sugar which can make you feel weak. By using good carbs, there is no problem of obesity in your body. Good carbs keep your skin healthy for a long time by controlling your age. It gets digested very quickly in the body. Good carb keeps your sugar under control. For this reason, it is very beneficial for diabetic patients. You can include these foods in good carbs.

  • fish
  • eggs
  • leafy green vegetables
  • Cauliflower
  • broccoli
  • Nuts Butter
  • nuts seeds

Effect of bad carbs on the glycemic index

Bad carbs are harmful to the body in many ways. There are highly processed carbohydrates (refined bread, cereals, and pastries), which act to raise the blood sugar in the body too high and too quickly. These carbohydrates are not only high in sugar but also significantly lower in nutrients and fiber than whole foods. It gets converted into glucose very quickly. These get into your bloodstream much faster than vegetables and other good carbs. So if you consume bad carbohydrate foods, your sugar level can rise very fast. Bad carbs are not digested quickly in the body. It takes a lot of time for it to completely dissolve in the body.

Bad carbs not only increase the sugar level but also harm the body in many other ways. Due to the high amount of sugar, bad carbs work to increase unwanted fat i.e. obesity in the body. Consuming more bad carbs affects your skin. This causes darkness on your skin. Your age starts showing on your face. Whereas good carb works in reverse. Bad carbs include these foods.

  • white bread
  • jelly
  • cake
  • pastry

How to keep track of Glycemic Index

Before consuming any type of food, we need to know its glycemic index. If a person has a problem with diabetes, then it is very important to calculate the glycemic index in such people. This helps you to find out which food you need to consume, how much. As mentioned above in this article, there are two types of carbs. Good carbs and bad carbs in which the advantages and disadvantages of both are shown. But more disadvantages of bad carbs have been seen. How to balance bad carbs and good carbs.

Eating a diet based on the glycemic index is very beneficial. But that doesn’t mean you give up on the things you love completely. If you like to eat foods with bad carbs like pastries, bread, etc. So you don’t have to turn your back on it. Rather, it is to maintain a balanced glycemic index by using it in a limited way.

If you like any dish containing sugar, which you eat or drink every day. So you can consume this dish once or twice a week. If you are taking food containing bad carb daily, then you need to change it. Especially in diabetic patients, the attitude towards good carb should be changed by reducing the bad carb.

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