My Autoimmune Rx for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Other Autoimmune Disorders

Autoimmune disorders, especially RA, impact the gut. Your microbiome plays a huge role here. What is this, exactly? This collection of bacteria (good and bad), mycoplasma, parasites, virus, yeast and fungi all make up the inner ecology of your gut, known as your microbiome.
Starting in your mouth with your gums and teeth, all the way to the end of your digestive tract, this diverse collection of organisms creates a mutable barrier to prevent toxins gaining entrance to the bloodstream itself. When functioning properly, it also helps make the most of the nutrients you ingest.

When this mutable barrier starts to become permeated, a condition known as leaky gut occurs, allowing partially digested foods and other toxins to invade your system. As a result, your immune system goes on high alert. It recognizes these particles as harmful trespassers and reacts against them, sending out antibodies to search and destroy. RA is the resulting inflammation in the synovium, or the cell lining of joints. Lupus is characterized by inflammation of connective tissue, and all autoimmune disorders have some type of inflammation going on.

Some of the factors that lead to leaky gut include the kind of food you eat, pharmaceutical drugs including antibiotics that affect the gut lining, chronic stress, toxins and dental health. There has long been an established link between gut health and RA. One of the best places to start is in your mouth. A Swedish scientific study suggests that poor gum health is a trigger for RA, and a recent meta-analysis discovered that RA patients are 13% more likely to have gum disease than are patients without arthritis (source: So see your dentist to clear up dental or gum infections ASAP if you’re dealing with ANY autoimmune issues!

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