Ozone– The “Miracle Treatment” That No Person is Talking About– Episode 90: Dr. Frank Shallenberger

Dr. Frank Shallenberger’s health strategy can be summarized as follows: he does not rely on the existence of incurable illness, simply inefficient therapies. Dr. Frank has been practicing medicine for virtually 50 years as well as has actually been a leader in alternative/integrative medicine given that the 1970s. Join Ann Louise and also Dr. Frank as they discuss the tried and true as well as safe remarkable history of ozone therapy, its excellent benefits, as well as the treatment and also prevention of aging and also age-related diseases by boosting mobile energy manufacturing. Dr. Shallenberger is one of only 16 medical professionals in Nevada that are licensed both in standard medication in addition to alternate and also natural medicine, and has actually been instructing physicians from around the world how to utilize ozone therapy each year since 1993. It is a real honor to have him sign up with The Very first Lady of Nutrition!

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