The Healthiest Coffee On The Planet – Episode 45: Andrew Salisbury

After Andrew Salisbury’s wife Amber experienced debilitating health issues, the founder and CEO of Purity Coffee set out on a journey to help his wife heal and find the underlying causes.  This led the couple on a fascinating journey that resulted in the creation of the world’s healthiest coffee – and Amber getting her health back!  According to Andrew: “There seems to be a big disconnect from what science knows about the health benefits of coffee and that of the general public. At Purity Coffee, we want to forward the conversation about coffee and health and believe that drinking great coffee can reduce the risk of developing Type II Diabetes, reduce the risk of liver disease, and increase overall longevity.”  Purity Coffee makes every decision based on health, creating a coffee that is lab-tested to be 2x to 10x times higher in antioxidants and free of molds, pesticides, and mycotoxins.

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