The Hidden Background of Homeopathy– Episode 89: Dana Ullman

Dana Ullman, also known as’Mr. Homeopathy’, is among America’s leading supporters for homeopathy. As a bestselling writer and fantastic teacher on the topic, Dana has actually been accredited in timeless homeopathy by the leading organization in the UNITED STATE for expert homeopaths. Sign Up With Ann Louise and also Dana is they go over the history of homeopathy in the United States– consisting of the dark past of the American Medical Organization in its initiative to squash homeopathy in the early 1900s. Dana also reviews the fantastic effectiveness of homeopathy as well as fascinating facts including just how The British Royal Household has utilized homeopathic medications considering that the 1830s, and also exactly how natural medications have actually also been made use of by 11 American Presidents, 7 Popes, esteemed researchers such as Charles Darwin, effective entrepreneurs such as John D. Rockefeller, in addition to Beethoven and also Chopin, Tina Turner and also Paul McCartney, and also others. Ullman’s web site uses invaluable resources as well as his well-known e-book is choke-full of functional clinical info on how to make use of homeopathic medications for 100+ usual ailments. Last but not least, Dana shared the three top homeopathics for Americans and also Nux Vomica headed the listing!

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