The Legendary Romanian Fountain of Youth – Episode 76: James Templeton

Join Ann Louise as she speaks with James Templeton (CEO of Uni Key Health Systems) about the ‘fountain of youth’ formula (GH-3) to its transformation into Ultra H-3 Plus.  Inspired by Dr. Ana Aslan’s famous Gerovital/GH-3 Formula, the Ultra H-3 Plus Brain Support Supplement contains the two metabolites of the original key ingredient — PABA and DMAE — which are easier for the body to use.   The result of research and focus groups, this new formulation works rapidly to sharpen the memory and focus, soothe stiff joints, boosts energy and mood, and renews a youthful vitality.  Ann Louise and James talk about how the Ultra H-3 Plus Brain Support Supplement combines ten more of the most well-documented, effective brain health and anti-aging nutrients on the planet.

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