The Number 1 Way to Stave Off Cognitive Dysfunction

My research led me to ask this astonishing question as I unearthed how the brain responds to insulin for such basic tasks as memory and learning. When you eat a meal or snack high in sugar and refined carbs, your blood sugar spikes quickly. This stimulates the release of insulin, which is good because it escorts that sugar out of the blood and into the cells, where it can be burned for fuel. But high insulin causes the sugar to be taken into the cells more quickly, which causes hypoglycemia, or a sugar low. Then you crave sugar to regain balance and a vicious cycle takes over, causing insulin resistance.

Your brain can become resistant to insulin as well. Type 3 diabetes develops when the neurons in your brain become deficient in insulin because they are unable to utilize it in any way. The key to getting off the blood sugar roller coaster is found in your diet with the proper amounts of protein, healthy fats, and fiber. Each of these slows gastric emptying, which slows the speed of sugar in your diet turning into sugar in your blood. 

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