The Remarkable Exploration That Might End Persistent Illness– Episode 30: Dr. Barrie Tan

Scientist, trailblazer and the globe’s foremost specialist on an underlooked and also typically ignored vitamin– vitamin E– Dr. Barrie Tan is attributed with finding a type of vitamin E called tocotrienol in 3 significant resources: Palm, Rice, as well as Annatto, a tropical plant that grows in South America that is the richest well-known source of tocotrienols. Greater than 100 research studies and clinical trials have revealed the surprising benefits of tocotrienols for heart, brain, liver, lung, bone, and mobile health and wellness, all with no known side effects. Tocotrienols have actually been examined in human cancer cells professional trials and also were shown to nearly INCREASE total life expectancy when taken with basic therapy. Join me on the reducing side of scientific research as well as discover just how this exploration could bring about better health as well as extended durability for us all.

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