[WEBINAR] Which Is Best? Organic or Conventional

In social media and popular culture, there is a big debate about which type of foods are better, organic or conventional. In this webinar, we discussed what they are, how these foods are grown, labeling, and which one is better for you. This was an informative webinar for knowing where your food comes from and what different food labels really mean.

The following was discussed in the webinar….

  • Definitions of what organic and conventional foods are
  • Organic food labels and what they mean
  • Big factory farms vs. small local farms
  • GMOs & “No-till” farming
  • Common assumptions about organic and conventional farming

Watch the webinar recording here!

Here’s the bottom line:

● There is no evidence to suggest or conclude that either organic, GMOs, or conventional foods are better than the other!

● It’s up to you! Just do your research and stay up to date on recent information regarding whichever you choose.

The Dirty Dozen List and Organic Foods

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