What are Corona Virus Double and Triple Mutants? Are they not detected in RT-PCR test?

When Corona was introduced in India, people thought that the disease would be eradicated by a few months or even a year later. Even if it is not finished, some medicines or vaccine will completely control the disease, but it did not happen. There is chaos all around in the country and the world. The vaccine has also arrived and crores have been planted in India, but new mutants of the Coronavirus have caused problems for people. We know that you will also have a lot of curiosity about Coronavirus mutants. In this article, we will give you information about new Coronavirus mutants i.e. double and triple mutants. Know about Coronavirus mutants.

What does Corona virus mutants mean?

The genome of the virus is coded in RNA. Mutations mean sudden changes to the code. The code changes are caused by mutations and they create new sequencing. It is not necessary if the virus becomes dangerous due to mutation, but in some cases the virus may prove more dangerous. New variants of Corona are spreading rapidly and making people sick. According to Saumitra Das, director of the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, the double and triple mutants of the corona are variants of the same variant i.e. B.1.617 corona virus. The double and triple mutants of the corona are not identical and have overlapping terms. Changes in genome sequencing of corona virus cause new mutants. Double mutants have three new spike protein mutations. Two mutations i.e. E484Q and L452R, are important for antibody-based neutralization.

This means that whatever vaccination is currently being given for the corona in the country is capable of protecting against double mutants, but this mutants or variant has another mutation, called P681R. Triple mutants are spreading rapidly and making people more ill. CoviShield is providing us protection against B.1.617 variants. At the moment you should get a test done immediately if you see symptoms of the corona. If RT PCR is negative and the patient’s condition is getting worse, you can also get a CT scan done on the advice of a doctor. You should start taking initial treatment along with isolation first.

Coronavirus mutants: What are the changes in the symptoms of the disease?

When the virus spreads rapidly to a large population, it also increases its numbers rapidly. For this reason mutations in the virus occur. Due to the rapid spread, it also replicates itself rapidly and also changes. Changes in the genetic material of the virus may prove to be dangerous at times. The corona vaccine may also be less effective for some variants. Symptoms of the disease are changing due to changes in Coronavirus mutants. Along with diarrhoea, people are also experiencing symptoms of skin rashes, discoloration of fingers or toes, chest pain or pressure, conjunctivitis etc.

Is RT-PCR not able to catch new mutants?

People get rapid antigen test when they show symptoms of corona and also RT-PCR when not satisfied. You may be surprised to know that many patients are experiencing negative RT-PCR reports even when they show symptoms of the corona. In such a situation, doctors are recommending a CT scan. During the Second Corona Wave, doctors are advising patients that they should isolate themselves even if their report is negative and they are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19. According to doctors, standard RT-PCR is not able to detect new mutants of the coronavirus. Even when the amount of infection in the body is very low, the RT PCR report is negative. If the swab stick is not used properly, the RT-PCR report may still be negative.

Should we go for Vaccination despite new Coronavirus mutants?

Even though there has been a change in the coronavirus mutants, but all of us must be involved in the process of vaccination. Vaccination is a tool that helps protect the body from viruses. If you become infected even after taking the vaccine, then you do not have to worry because the virus will not be able to do much harm to your body. At the moment, the only option we have is a vaccine, which is also effective. It helps in reducing the impact of infection to a great extent. You do not need to worry about it. Vaccines may not provide you 100% protection, but it will give the body the ability to fight the virus.

For more information about the coronavirus mutants and the effectiveness of the vaccinations for new mutants, get more information from your doctor.
Right now people seem apprehensive about the Corona test and vaccine, but in this situation you need patience. You should start home isolation immediately after seeing the symptoms of the disease and also get a test done. Your doctor will also give you more information about this.

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