What is ‘Retrograde Ejaculation’ disease in men, Know here

Our body is a system in which each organ has its own set of functions. Like seeing eyes, hearing ears, teeth chewing food. If there is any problem in any part of our body, then it affects the whole body. In the same way, if our genitals do not do their assigned work, then it can affect our body and whole life. Retrograde ejaculation is a problem related to men, due to which the sex life of men does not affect that much, but it affects the person to become a father in the future. Let us know in detail about Retrograde Ejaculation and know what should be taken care of during this period.

What is retrograde ejaculation?

Retrograde ejaculation occurs when semen enters the bladder rather than exiting through the penis during orgasms. Not only this, men experience very little or no semen ejaculation problem when this problem occurs. It is sometimes called Dry Orgasm. This semen present in the bladder is then passed out through the urine. However, Retrograde Ejaculation is not harmful but it can cause impotence in men. Treatment of retrograde ejaculation is usually extremely important to restore fertility. In short, it is an unusual ejaculation problem in which men can release very little semen.

Symptoms of Retrograde Ejaculation

Retrograde Ejaculation disease does not affect the ability of men to get erections and orgasms. But, after intercourse, the semen goes into your bladder instead of coming out of the penis. The symptoms of retrograde ejaculation are as follows:

  • An orgasm in which little or no semen comes out through the penis 
  • Staining of Urine because it contains semen 
  • Dry Orgasms
  • Male Infertility

According to the US National Library of Medicine, a person suffering from retrograde ejaculation should understand the difference between retrograde ejaculation and dry orgasms. After the organism, many people notice the problem of Claudie Urine. For this, the mixing of semen with urine in the bladder is considered responsible. Due to this many people face fertility issues. However, there may be some underlying reasons as well. Therefore, it is necessary to have the right screening and treatment.

When to see a doctor for Retrograde Ejaculation?

Retrograde Ejaculation does not cause any harm to the health of men and treatment is needed only when men face problems in becoming fathers. If you are having dry orgasms, talk to your doctor. If you and your partner have been planning for a child for a long time. But, even if you are not getting success, it is important to seek the advice of a doctor. Retrograde Ejaculation may be one of the reasons behind not being able to become your father. Know what is the cause of this disease and the risk factors associated with it.

Cause of Retrograde Ejaculation

During male orgasm, a tube called vas Deferens transfers the sperm to the prostate. Here they combine with other fluids to form liquid semen. At the beginning of the bladder, the muscles, called the bladder neck muscles, are tightened to prevent the semen from entering the bladder. Because it passes into the tube from the prostate inside the penis (urethra). This is the same muscle that holds urine in the bladder.

Bladder neck muscles may not be well tightened due to the problem of retrograde ejaculation. Due to which the sperm enters the bladder instead of exiting through the penis. Many other conditions can also cause these muscular problems. Which can cause this problem of ejaculation. Some of them are as follows:

Surgery: Surgery such as Bladder Neck Surgery, Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection Surgery or Prostate Surgery for testicular cancer can cause this disease.

A side effect of any medication: High blood pressure, prostate enlargement and depression medications can also be a cause of this disease.

Some Health Conditions: Medical conditions such as diabetes, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury may cause Nerve Damage Retrograde Ejaculation.

Risk factors of retrograde ejaculation

There is no doubt that retrograde ejaculation does not cause any discomfort to the affected person. However, some conditions may increase its risk. You may be at higher risk of retrograde ejaculation in these situations if:

  • Diabetes or multiple sclerosis.
  • Prostate or bladder surgery
  • Taking special medicines for high blood pressure 
  • Spinal Cord Injury

How can retrograde ejaculation be diagnosed? 

To diagnose this problem, the doctor will learn about the symptoms of this problem from you. Along with this, your medical history such as surgery or cancer, etc., or medicines will be known. After that, a physical examination of the patient is done. This includes examining the penis, testicles, and rectum.

After the orgasm, the doctor will also check the patient’s urine for the presence of semen in the urine. The doctor may ask the patient to empty the bladder, masturbate to the climax, and then sample urine for examination. If doctors find a lot of sperm in the patient’s urine, then it means that the patient has a problem of Retrograde Ejaculation. If a man has a problem of Dry Orgasms but if the doctor does not find the semen in his bladder, then he may have a semen production-related problem. This can be due to damage to the prostate or the semen-producing glands as a result of surgery or radiation treatment for cancer in the pelvic area.

If the doctor feels that the patient has a problem of Dry Orgasms instead of Retrograde Ejaculation, they can ask the patient to have another test to know about its cause.

Treatment of Retrograde Ejaculation 

Retrograde Ejaculation usually does not require any treatment until it does not affect your fertility. In this case, its treatment depends on its underlying factors. Some of the methods of its treatment are as follows:


Some medications may work for retrograde ejaculation caused by nerve damage. This kind of harm can be induced by diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and some surgeries.

If the reason for retrograde ejaculation is surgery, medicines do not work in it. If your doctor feels that you are having this problem with the medicines you are taking they can ask you to stop taking these medicines for some time. Drugs that can cause Retrograde Ejaculation include some medications used to treat depression and alpha-blockers, as well as high blood pressure and medications to treat prostate conditions.

Medicines used to treat Retrograde Ejaculation are also used to treat certain other medical conditions. Which are as follows:

  • Imipramine
  • Chlorpheniramine
  • Ephedra, Pseudoephedrine, and Phenylephrine

These medicines help in keeping the bladder neck muscles closed during ejaculation. These are highly effective treatments for retrograde ejaculation. However, they can also have some side effects. Some medicines that are used to treat this problem can increase blood pressure and heart rate. Which can prove to be harmful to health at times. Along with these medicines, infertility treatment is also involved in the treatment of this problem.

How to prevent the occurrence of retrograde ejaculation? 

There is nothing to panic about in the case of Retrograde Ejaculation as it does not cause any problem. However, you can avoid retrograde ejaculation by taking care of these things, such as:

  • Talk to your doctor if you are taking any medication or you have a health problem that is more likely to cause Retrograde Ejaculation.
  • If you are going to have surgery that will affect your bladder neck muscle. Such as prostate or bladder surgery. So before surgery, talk to your doctor about the risk associated with Retrograde Ejaculation. If you are planning to have a baby in the future, ask your doctor about options for preserving semen before surgery.
  • Change your lifestyle first to avoid Retrograde Ejaculation or any health-related problem. A good lifestyle can protect you from many mental, physical, emotional problems. For this, take the right and balanced diet, get enough sleep, exercise regularly, and avoid stress. Yoga and meditation can also bring positive changes in your life and they will also help you to stay healthy.

Retrograde Ejaculation is not always reversible. However, treatment of impotence due to this is possible. Men suffering from this problem may experience some symptoms due to prostate, diabetes, or other reasons. Therefore, in case of some symptoms like Painful Ejaculation, Blood during ejaculation, Frequent Urination, etc., contact your doctor immediately because it can be a sign of another problem.

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