Woman’s World Cover Story: “I Healed My Fatty Liver!”

Could your fatigue, weight gain, high triglycerides and abdominal discomfort be signs of a fatty liver?

One middle aged woman was shocked to be given this increasingly common diagnosis when her doctor became concerned about her abnormal liver enzyme levels.

Georgia Noble saw her doctor to find out why she was feeling a persistent dull ache under her rib cage, occasionally felt dizzy and was fatigued even after drinking her third cup of coffee for the day. Her ultrasound results confirmed that she had fatty liver disease. Since Georgia doesn’t drink alcohol and tries to follow a healthy diet, she was baffled by this unsettling news. Then when her doctor said a biopsy would be needed if it got worse, she decided to take action and do some research.

Georgia learned that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), can affect postmenopausal women who’ve gained weight even when eating so called “healthy foods”, such as whole grain bread. Elevated cholesterol levels, particularly triglycerides, and prediabetes can cause the liver to build up fat, leading to inflammation and a decrease in liver function.

Thankfully, she visited my website, annlouise.com, and learned about an important nutrient deficiency that afflicts many women today – choline! Choline increases bile production in the liver to help break down fat in the foods we eat. It also helps to thin the bile so that it can do the important work of flushing accumulated toxins from the liver.

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