Younger Tomorrow with Radical Longevity

RADICAL LONGEVITY, Ann Louise Gittleman, author

“Even the press releases regarding this landmark book don’t do it justice. You can’t get past the first page without saying: “I didn’t know that.” Packed with information… did you know that after age 60 your risk of death doubles every eight years? Page 244. The book discusses how you can alter this.
As a how-to book it maps out all the details, helps to answer your questions, offers encouragement (yes, you CAN reverse aging), and even provides recipes if you are a foody. It includes an extensive list of dietary supplements (and sources), plus health habits and toxins to avoid. And it’s written by the reigning queen of healthy nutrition, Ann Louise Gittleman.

Now, now, don’t be thinking she crowned herself, this book reviewer did. And it’s because Ann Louise has faced many of the health challenges outlined in the book herself. Hey, anybody can cite chapter and verse of scientific studies and never really know if a remedy or recipe lives up to its reputation. Ann Louise has experienced some of them, firsthand.

You will practically earn a diploma in health promotion by the time you read through the entire text. And that puts you ahead of most doctors, since they are schooled in disease and treatment, but not health maintenance.
For me, the best chapters are “Immunity Is Everything,” and “Free-Up Fascia For Youthful Movement.” But you won’t know what you are missing if you don’t read it from cover to cover.

First, begin by taking the LONGEVITY ASSESSMENT at the beginning of the book.

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